Monday, May 1, 2017

LEWONDE Deep Tissue Massager Spike Foot Massage Ball review

I received a deep tissue massager spike ball from Lewonde at a discount in return for an honest review. Last month, my fiancΓ© and I started working out and running again. We tried plastic and foam rollers, bath salts, and lots and lots of ice packs to help our aching muscles. Our backs and feet were always sore from always working and exercising. This ball is a life saver!

The ball is about the size of a tennis ball and has little spikes that are meant to be acupressure spots to help hit all those aches and pains that we have. It is a perfect size to go right under your foot or to roll on your back and release tension that almost everyone stores in their back.

I used this ball a lot for my plantar fasciitis and my tender points in my back/shoulders. Its very easy to use, either press against the ball on the floor, wall, or have someone press it into your sore muscles for relief. The ball also comes with instructions in an e-book sent via email.

If you're interested in this product, check out their Amazon page here. I did receive this product at a discount but my reviews are 100% honest and my own.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fitbit Blaze tempered glass screen protector

If you own a fitbit, you would be completely shocked at how much you bang it into other objects during the day until you own a blaze. I had a few scratches on it from hitting it on the stair railings, tables, and countertops until I decided to buy tempered glass screens. I received this just in time because my old one had been cracked for quite some time and needed to be replaced. My old protector lasted about 6 months and thats a good amount of time considering how much torture it goes through.

This tempered glass screen protector came in a 3 pack, hard case to avoid it from being cracked upon arrival. It also came with 2 alcohol prep pads, a dust cloth, and 3 screen protectors. Application took less than 5 seconds probably (took longer to wipe the screen with the prep pads than the actual application of the screen). The fit was 100% spot on. Theres no glare on the screen with this protector and its fingerprint/scratch resistant. This protector has a lifetime replacement warranty (Which is great for the price)!

This screen protector is worth every penny considering it will cost much more to replace a shattered fitbit screen itself. I will definitely buy this again if this one ever breaks. The fit is excellent and the application was smooth sailing.

If you are interested in the product, you can check out their Amazon page here !

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tools4Wisdom Planner review

Loving my Tools4Wisdom planner. It's the size of a notebook so it has room for all appointments, plans, tasks, and anything else you need to remember. In the beginning of every month, it tells you to write down your goals and plans for the month. Perfect to accomplish what you need to do! An organized life equals less stress and anxiety. 

The planner has a hardcover, monthly tabs, and a loose leaf pocket. It has monthly views and weekly views. It gives you space to write down yearly goals, monthly objectives, and priorities. The space for each day is enough to write appointments, tasks, goals or anything that you might need to remember. the font is large for anyone who has visual problems (like myself). 

It is very user friendly. It motivates you to write down more and stay organized. Having a new planner is always very exciting because it feels like a new start but this one makes it easy to really stay on task. I would recommend this to anyone who feels like they need a little more organization in their life.. and lets be real, I think thats pretty much everyone! 

If you're interested in this planner, check out their Amazon here for more information! The price is budget friendly and great to start getting your life a little more organized and keep your days a little less stressful! 

I received this product at a discount for an honest review. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Leader Accessories pet cover review

I got to review the Leader Accessories pet couch cover for a discount in exchange for an honest review. As you can see in my instagram post, I have two dogs and my couch is their favorite spot, especially for Delilah. Well its so hard to keep their hair off of the couch and we used to just use a blanket to cover our sofa. The bad thing about using a blanket is it's not fitted and it would always slide down or off the top and the arms of the sofa. It drove me nuts. I had been meaning to buy one for a couple years but just never put the time and effort into researching a good brand.

Luckily this is where Leader Accessories stepped in and helped me out. I received the cover in a large box and it was folded very neatly. Unfortunately, it does appear a little wrinkled in the photo but it ironed itself out once we started sitting/lying on it. The fabric is suede and super soft. I fell asleep on it moments after I put it on (and so did Delilah). Its 69"x69" in size, fits my three seat couch very easily without slipping off the back or moving around to much by the anchors in the seat cushions. Its fool proof to put on.

It does advertise that it is spill proof but I havent tested that out. I would rather never find out if it is spill proof or not. Luckily my dogs don't drink coffee on the couch every morning. I haven't washed it in the washer but I have taken a damp cloth to some spots where my dogs left their toys on and left a little wet stain. It came off very easily.

Overall, I love this product and my dogs think its very comfortable. I wish I had gotten this years ago. I plan on purchasing a couch for my upcoming move and will probably buy another cover just for that couch! Check out their Amazon page here if you're interested in buying or reading more information.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Premium loose leaf tea sampler review

I received this premium loose leaf tea sampler from NuovaVita. I just recently got into drinking tea since Fall and Winter are approaching quickly. I spent over $120 at Teavana and realized that it was a little too much for an average person to spend on tea. 

This loose leaf sampler is only $15.95 on Amazon and includes 10 different flavored pouches. Each pouch makes about 5 cups of tea. So this whole sampler makes roughly 50 cups of tea for less than $16. Talk about affordable. (Not to mention, its wrapped in a perfect holiday themed package, perfect for Christmas gifts!)

The 10 different flavors include:
  1. India's Original Masala Chai
  2. Cinnamon Chai
  3. Sweet Cinnamon Chai Assam Teas
  4. Assam Exotic Black Tea Green Tea
  5. Organic Darjeeling Green Teas
  6. Singbulli Organic and Fair Trade tea
  7. Clonal Premium Signature Exotic Darjeeling Blend Nepal Tea
  8. Samal Valley FF15
  9. Organic Breakfast Tea
  10. Early Grey Tea
It is a great combo of chai, Darjeeling, Assam, green, Nepal, breakfast, and Earl grey teas. Each package states what date they were packaged to ensure freshness. All ingredients are 100% natural. And they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

I still haven't drank all of these teas, considering there are a lot of flavors to try. I followed their directions, directly quoted below.

Directions Take 1 teaspoon tea leaves. About 2 grams of leaves is ideal for a black tea preparation. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea leaves. Boil the water to 100 degrees celsius. You can then let it cool down to upto 90 degrees. Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on your taste. Strain the leaves out & enjoy. Best consumed without or with very little milk. A sweetener like sugar or honey can be added as per taste.

I usually only steep my black, green, and chai teas for about 3 minutes because I don't like them too strong. But I placed about 1 tsp of leaves into a strainer and left it in boiling water for about 3 minutes. I then added only a teaspoon of honey and enjoyed the delicious taste. I am so excited to try all the other flavors, especially with my loved ones on these cold crisp nights.

I did receive this product at a discounted  rate in exchange for an honest review. I would recommend this for anyone who loves a great variety pack of loose leaf tea. I will probably buy a few packs for coworkers who love tea as well during the holiday season.

If you are interested in reading more about this product, check out their Amazon page here

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox

Here is the Endless Summer Vox Box from Influenster. It contained eyeliner and mascara from Max Factor X, teas from Numi, leave in conditioner from Not Your Mother's, nail polish from Seche, and protein shakes from Irontek.

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I loved the color nail polish I got from Seche.  It was in a 2 step process, the color and then the top coat. It was easy to apply but was very disappointed with how long it lasted. It only lasted about a day on my nails before it began to chip.

The Way to Grow leave in conditioner from Not Your Mother's is great. The smell is delightful and it leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth. I have been using it for about a month and have noticed an improvement in my ends from the product. Did I mention how great it smells??

My favorite product in this voxbox is hands down the tea from Numi. I got 3 samples and they all tasted incredible. One of the flavors tasted like hot chocolate... yes, hot chocolate. I had to re-read the label to make sure that it was tea! The turmeric tea is wonderful for so many qualities, mainly because it is anti-inflammatory. I have purchased this tea since drinking it from this box and will probably continue to use this brand. I recommend it to any tea lover out there!

I received all of these products to review from Influenster. All of my opinions are 100% my own and honest.

Sport it long active shorts review

I received a pair of Sport-It active long shorts in exchange for a review and am so happy with the product. Let me say that most active shorts are way too short for those with thick thighs like me. When I run, I want to make sure the shorts are long enough to prevent chafing and starting a fire with my thighs. Anything longer than 5" in seam is great and these shorts are a perfect length. I think they are mainly meant for biking but they work wonders with running. 

The shorts do not have a tie waist band so I was a little worried of them sliding down but they stay in place and hide the muffin top that many compression shorts cause. There are two slits in the band that hold my keys and inhaler but could also fit gels, a phone and other stuff needed during exercise. The stretchy material was great during a run and they never rode up like other shorts do. 

I run around a size 10 (I am a bigger bottomed girl) and ordered a large, which was the perfect size. I didn't struggle or do the pants dance to wiggle into these. I love these shorts and have used them for hikes, bike rides, swimming, and mostly running. I would purchase these again. I received this product at a discount for a review. My review is 100% honest.