Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Influenster Vitality Vox Box Review

Received my Vitality Vox Box from influenster complimentary for testing purposes.
I received this box a little over a week ago and it allowed me to review everything! The softlips lip balm cube came in the crest little receptacle. I’ve never seen a lip balm in a cube shape. It feels a little bulky in my pocket but did just fine in my pocket. The smell of the pomegranate blueberry was phenomenal and it left my lips very moisturized. This is definitely recommend for anyone searching for a new lip balm.
The playtex sport tampons are my all time favorite female products to ever hit the market. They keep up with my active lifestyle while I’m training for a half marathon and my yoga schedule. These are both cheap and effective, I recommend these to anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle and happens to be a girl. ;)
The bikini ready gummies have also contributed to my half marathon training. These little gummies have just the right amount of caffeine to give me a boost to push me at the end of the run. The only bad things about these are the after taste of the gummies. I will probably buy these but if I don’t, I probably won’t be too upset about it.
The Elizabeth Arden serum came in a cute little container that I was glad to put on my face. It says to put it on before your moisturizer so I did. I haven’t noticed any difference yet but will keep trying it out! It is pretty expensive so unless you’re made of money but you do want a good product, try this one out.
First degree burn cream is very helpful in a household with children, a husband, or just someone like me being very clumsy. I burned myself with my straightening iron and put the cream on to have very fast relief! You can also use this product on Sun burns or razor burns and mild scraps. I would absolutely invest in this product again!
Pure leaf tea was such a very tasty surprise in this box. This flavor was unsweetened but very refreshing when chilled. It is exactly what someone needs on a hot summer day. I have purchased this product in the past and will definitely continue to do so.
Loved this box, thanks again influenster!

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