Monday, August 10, 2015

Primed4U Iphone 6 case review

I was just recently able to upgrade my phone to an iPhone 6 from an iPhone 4 after shattering my screen and knew that I needed a good case to protect my brand new baby. I was lucky enough to be able to review the Primed4U iPhone 6 case. 

I have to say this case is very sleek, pretty, and not one of those cases that looks like it belongs to your 8 year old daughter. The case is 2-in-1, the inside is a comfortable, plastic case to grip the phone while the outside is a harder plastic to encase the jelly inside. The case is also very very slim, almost feels like nothing in holding your phone because it is so light. The cuts and slits for the volume buttons, power on/off buttons, speakers, and charger cable line up perfectly, not like other cases which require you to take it off in order to use it. The company Primed4U also has a lifetime guarantee, money back satisfaction. Since ordering the phone case, the company has sent me multiple emails to follow up and see how well I am liking the case. 

I got the phone case prior to purchasing my phone and was very happy knowing that it would be protected the moment it came out of the box. Although the case is slim, it truly does feel like it is protected enough from falls and cracking. The buttons align perfectly and I do not need to take off the case to use headphones or charge the phone. Using the camera and flash offers me no problems and my pictures come out perfect. The only issue I do have for future cases that this company might make is that the front part of the case is NOT raise so that if it does fall down screen first, I would feel that the screen might shatter. I did however drop my phone on cement and it didn't crack at all. I love the level of protection but I do think the company could improve it by raising the case around the front a little bit more.

Its been almost 4 weeks with this case and I can't offer a single complaint besides the recommendation I mentioned before. I love the case and it makes my phone look sleek and slim. I hope that the case lasts me a while and protects my phone. 

If you are interested in the Primed4U iPhone 6 phone case, check out their Amazon page here for more information!

I received this product in return for a 100% honest review. 

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