Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Leader Accessories pet cover review

I got to review the Leader Accessories pet couch cover for a discount in exchange for an honest review. As you can see in my instagram post, I have two dogs and my couch is their favorite spot, especially for Delilah. Well its so hard to keep their hair off of the couch and we used to just use a blanket to cover our sofa. The bad thing about using a blanket is it's not fitted and it would always slide down or off the top and the arms of the sofa. It drove me nuts. I had been meaning to buy one for a couple years but just never put the time and effort into researching a good brand.

Luckily this is where Leader Accessories stepped in and helped me out. I received the cover in a large box and it was folded very neatly. Unfortunately, it does appear a little wrinkled in the photo but it ironed itself out once we started sitting/lying on it. The fabric is suede and super soft. I fell asleep on it moments after I put it on (and so did Delilah). Its 69"x69" in size, fits my three seat couch very easily without slipping off the back or moving around to much by the anchors in the seat cushions. Its fool proof to put on.

It does advertise that it is spill proof but I havent tested that out. I would rather never find out if it is spill proof or not. Luckily my dogs don't drink coffee on the couch every morning. I haven't washed it in the washer but I have taken a damp cloth to some spots where my dogs left their toys on and left a little wet stain. It came off very easily.

Overall, I love this product and my dogs think its very comfortable. I wish I had gotten this years ago. I plan on purchasing a couch for my upcoming move and will probably buy another cover just for that couch! Check out their Amazon page here if you're interested in buying or reading more information.

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