Saturday, September 20, 2014

Walmart Beauty Box Opening!

Hey y'all! I am very excited to tell everyone that I received my Walmart Beauty Box today in the mail! I ordered it on September 4 and it came today September 20. In case anyone forgot, this beauty box contains samples of many beauty essentials from Walmart for only the cost of shipping, $5! They send a box every season, or every 3 months. I was sure it was a bargain and decided to give it a shot! I am absolutely blown away by all the goodies that came in the box, well over a mere five bucks.

 Today's box was the fall box and contained 9 samples, one being a coupon! I think that the samples you receive in your box depends on the age you put in on your profile, and in case anyone likes my items, I am 22. :)

-Secret Clinical Strength deodorant
-Pink Friday perfume sample
-L'oreal glossy balm
-L'oreal Youthcode Pore Vanisher
-Covergirl Glowing Nights nail polish
-Dove advanced hair series: oxygen moisture shampoo
-Dove advanced hair series: oxygen moisture conditioner
-Dove pure care dry oil for hair
-Neutrogena nourishing long wear makeup sample kit and coupon

I have never used ANY of these products but I sure am ready to try out all of these samples, especially the deodorant. The fact that this box pays itself with just the Secret clinical strength is really impressive. All of these items are brand name and something that all women really use, even me, the one that never wears make up! If you are interested in purchasing a free Walmart Beauty box head over to the Walmart web site! You are only charged when your box is shipped out to you and it takes about 2-3 weeks to receive it in the mail. I can't wait until my winter box already!

Did you get your box yet or does it look like mine! I want to hear from you! Let me know :)


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