Monday, September 15, 2014

My Running Belt review!

Hello everyone! I had the pleasure of trying out one of the most amazing things on this entire planet and that is.... DRUMROLL PLEASE.. a runner's belt. As a runner, I constantly keep buying new ones in hope of finding the one that is just right for me. Some are too big, too bulky, too small, too slippery, too tight, too loose, zippers break easy, the buckle doesn't clasp on right.. the list is infinite. I was very excited to try out the My Running Belt and really put it to the test: a 13.1 mile race. 

When I run, I need my inhaler, chap stick, hair bands, a few bucks, my ID, cell phone, tons of Gu, maybe a fruit snack, and other things that tend to accumulate in these black holes. I was nervous that all of my items wouldn't fit in the belt but I was pretty happy to see that they did with room to spare! I even stuck my friend's car keys in there for safe keeping. 

Fast forward to race day and I didn't feel it move at all, no bouncing, no sliding up, no sliding down, and no twisting from side to side! The buckle in the back was just big enough to be sturdy but not get in the way and rub against your back uncomfortably. I ended up finishing the race with my top tech shirt around my waist and my runners belt a little higher than it should be (my fault, my shirts were made of dri-fit equaling a very slippery surface for the belt to ride on). Even though the belt rode up just a little during my race, that was a small price to pay for how it held up during the entire race: EXCELLENT. I am running another half in a week and a half and will definitely not leave the house without this gem.

To any runner that may read my blog, I HIGHLY recommend this runner's belt. It will hold everything you may need and then some *however* it does NOT hold a water bottle if that is what you are looking for. It does not bounce or twist around the body but may slide up on your torso depending on the material clothing you are wearing. The size is perfect with two pockets but doesn't make you look like you have large love handles like other belts. If you are in need of a new belt or looking to try out a new brand, this is the one for you.

If you are interested in purchasing My Running Belt, click here

Some other extra things you should know about the My Running Band:
- Reflective band
- Authentic YKK zipper
- Strong elastic waistband
Fits waist sizes between 28 in and 52 in
- Heavy- duty buckle
- Waterproof 3- layer TPU pocket
- The material is soft to the touch and flexible
- Available colors are pink, yellow, and blue

*I received this product for testing purposes but this post is 100% my honest opinion and recommendation*

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